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Pray First Prayer Journal

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“Pray First.” In every situation, whether good or bad, we try to pray

before we act. Many times people act first and then want God

to bail them out of that situation, but prayer should be our first

response, not our last resort. 


Most people don’t enjoy prayer because they have never been

taught how to pray. That’s where this simple prayer journal can

help. Using several prayer models out of the Bible and having some

guides to make prayer more personal, this booklet is designed to bring

joy into your time with God.  When you discover the beauty of daily

​conversation with Him, you’ll experience the presence of God that will
change your life.  ​Once you learn how to pray, prayer can become a
part of everyday life. And then…


Before the day begins—

Before you go to bed—

Before you go to work or school—

Before you send that text—

Before you eat, drive or travel—

When bad things happen—

Before bad things happen—

In every situation—PRAY FIRST!

Prayer changes everything!

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